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Requirements for endorsement

It is ILLEGAL to practice practical nursing in the state of Louisiana without a temporary work permit issued by our board or a current Louisiana lpn license.

Licensure as an lpn in another state does not guarantee that you will be granted a license to practice in Louisiana.

In order for the board to consider your application, you must have the following:

  1. Be currently licensed as a practical nurse under the laws of another state of the United States.
  2. LPNs must request that their school submit to our office an offical copy of their practical nursing transcript to determine eligibility (a form is included in the application packet). The transcript must include proof that you have graduated from an approved program of practical nursing which program offered a sufficient number of clock hours in the following courses: Body Structure and Function; Microbiology; Vocational Adjustments; Personal, Family and Community Health; Nutrition in Health and Illness; Pharmacology and Medication Administration; and Principles and Practices of Medical-Surgical, Geriatric, Obstetrical, Pediatric, Mental Health Nursing, and IV Therapy.

    The transcript must contain the number of theory clock hours and the number of clinical clock hours (LAC. Section 931.B) in the program and the number grade achieved for each course (LAC. Section 1105.A.5). If the school transcript is in credit hours and letter grades, the practical nursing coordinator must interpret and submit this information. The application WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED WITHOUT CLOCK HOURS AND NUMERICAL GRADES. Curriculum Requirements
  3. Meet all existing requirements for licensure in Louisiana at the time of application. (Licensure requirements are subject to change. Changes may result from new legislation, new rules and regulations, or from new policies and procedures adopted by the board.)
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