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Renewal FAQs


  1. When can I go online and renew my license?

  2. Where can I find my LPN license number?

  3. Can I get a paper renewal mailed to me?

  4. What is the cost to renew my current license online?

  5. Once I submit my renewal online, how long will it take to receive my license in the mail?

  6. If I have previously renewed my license online and do not use that email address any longer, how do I change my email address/username?

  7. I forgot my password. How do I change it?

  8. Can I make a name change while completing my renewal?

  9. Once the name change information and required documents are received by our office and the change is completed, your account will be updated. The name change will be reflected on your online services account under the "My Account" page and on the Nursys website.

  10. Can I make an address change while completing my renewal?

  11. Can I come to your office to process my renewal?

  12. I do not have a credit card (or do not want to place my credit card information on the internet). How can I pay my fees?

  13. If I answer yes to one of the disciplinary questions on the renewal application (18a, 18b, 18c or 18d), what steps must I take?

  14. After I have logged on, I receive the message indicating that I am not eligible to renew online.

  15. None of the above reasons apply. Is there any other reason I might be getting a message indicating I am not eligible for online renewal?

  16. None of the above apply. What other options do I have?

  17. What documentation will I have to reference that I have completed my online renewal application?

  18. When is the deadline to renew my license online?

  19. Can I have an extension if I have issues with technology?
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