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Refresher courses

A board approved refresher course must be completed when an LPN has been inactive for four(4) or more years regardless of the reason, or a PN graduate seeks initial licensure after passing the NCLEX-PN examination four(4) or more years after the date of graduation.

A formal refresher course may be obtained from a Board approved provider (practical nursing school or online program). The board must be contacted (to verify the applicant's credentials) for approval to participate in a refresher course. A letter of approval will be issued to the applicant. Courses provide both a theory (minimum of 6 weeks) and clinical component (minimum of 60 clinical hours).

Criminal Background Check

Forms for the background check are to be completed as directed by the LSBPNE on the instruction sheets. (Click here for printable instructions.) Results from the state police and FBI come directly to our office and are good for one year from the date of entry into the refresher course program.

A criminal background check from the FBI and the Louisiana State Police must be received and each reviewed favorably by our office prior to issuance of a permanent license. (It may take up to 12 weeks for our office to receive the results; therefore, we suggest you submit your paperwork to the Louisiana State Police as soon as possible to avoid and delays.)

NOTE: Before mailing the requests to the Louisiana State Police:

  1. Review your application forms for accuracy.

  2. Make a photocopy of all information that is submitted (copy of application information form, copy of money order as payment, and copy of fingerprints) and keep for your records.


The program you choose will notify us of your enrollment and then of your successful completion of the theory component of the course.

You will be sent or given by the school an application for a special permit granting permission to practice for the time specified by the provider (minimum of 60 clinical hours) to complete the clinical component of the course.

Complete the application and submit to our office along with a money order in the amount of $25.00 made payable to LSBPNE for the permit. The permit will be sent to the agency providing the clinical practice site/nurse preceptor or school and will be valid only for the time specified on the application form.

After the refresher course program notifies us of your successful completion of the refresher course, you can apply for renewal/reinstatement of your Louisiana Practical Nursing License.

To assist lpns in locating refresher courses, we will post information here as we receive it. However, these are not the only courses available . You should contact the practical nursing programs in your area for more information, as we are not always notified of availability and most are contingent upon enrollment and instructor availability.

Refresher courses:

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