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Practice opinions

This list is not inclusive of all of lpn practice and should not be used to define or limit practice.

Please contact our office if you need further clarification on any of the practice opinions listed here.

Be sure to also review the Scope of Practice. The following are opinions issued by the board:

  1. A physician licensed to practice medicine in the state of Louisiana has first examined the client and determined that the injection is appropriate.

  2. The physician directs the licensed practical nurse to perform the procedure.

  3. The physician ensures that the licensed practical nurse, acting under his/her supervision, is appropriately trained and qualified to perform the procedure. This training must include, at a minimum: indications/contraindications, potential complications, and infectious disease control considerations related to the procedure.

  4. After the appropriate training has been completed, the licensed practical nurse is certain that he/she possesses the knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the procedure.

  5. The procedure must be performed under the licensed physician's direction and immediate personal supervision -- i.e., where the physician is physically present on the premises and immediately available.

  6. The licensed practical nurse may not, under any circumstances, act independently or in the absence of a Louisiana licensed physician in implementing the procedure.

  7. If at any time and for any reason, the licensed practical nurse does not feel certain that he/she possesses the knowledge, skill, and ability to perform the procedure, the licensed practical nurse must refrain from administering the botox and notify the physician.

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