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To protect your personal information, ALWAYS close your Internet browser when you have completed your online renewal.

Have questions regarding the online renewal of your license?

Before calling our office, many of your questions can be answered by the Online License Renewal FAQs

No Cost name change prior to renewal of license only.

This process MUST be completed with our office BEFORE renewing your license online. No cost name change.

Create online renewal account

REGISTER/Create LPN user account

(Note: you may open, or register, ONLY one online account per license. Creating multiple accounts WILL result in not being able to access your account to renew your license.)

To register an online renewal account, you will need the following information:

Making changes to your online renewal account

If you already have an online renewal account and you need to make changes or updates to any of the following:

Ready to renew your license?

LOGIN (must be a registered user)

Once you have submitted your online application, you may check your online account for the status of your license. Once it is reflected that the license has been "Mailed", allow a minimum of 14 working days to receive your license in the mail. All licenses are mailed to the address which is on your "My Account" screen. No concessions will be made for technology, weather or other unforeseen issues.

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