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Current disciplinary actions

The Louisiana Revised Statutes, Section 49:961(C), in pertinent part, provides: "If the agency finds that public health, safety, or welfare imperatively requires emergency action, and incorporates a finding to the effect in its order, summary suspension of a license may be ordered pending proceedings or revocation or other action."  LSA-R.S. 49:961(C).

The board has determined that allegations against the lpns listed below are sufficiently serious to Summarily Suspend their lpn license in accordance with the above cited authority.

Notices of summary suspension have been sent to each of the lpns by certified mail and regular mail.  As of the date listed next to each lpns name, they may no longer practice practical nursing in Louisiana and are to immediately return their current practical nursing license.  Failure to return the license and continuing to work while the license is summarily suspended will be reported to the attorney general's office for criminal proceedings.

The board will schedule the lpn for the next available formal hearing and the lpn will be notified by mail of the date and time.  Moreover, the board will continue its investigation of the allegations about which the lpn will be notified by formal complaint, to determine the violations.

  Summarily Suspended
Cooper, Rachel Nicole Anderson August 23, 2017 Click for Order
Dupar, Brittany Loreanne April 07, 2017 Click for Order
Eddington, Sarah Elizabeth Hinton December 18, 2017 Click for Order
Jackson, Andrea Roselle December 15, 2017 Click for Order
Martin, Kellie Celeste Cenan November 07, 2017 Click for Order
Mclain, Sydney Marie November 16, 2017 Click for Order
Nelson, Cornelia Ann Peek June 30, 2017 Click for Order
Thomas, Amber Dionne February 07, 2017 Click for Order
  Imposter Alert!
Andrus, Anita July 28, 2008
Barrow, Terra Gayle July 20, 2009
Caudill, Alexandra May 05, 2015
Caudill, Lea May 05, 2015
Glapion, Monika January 30, 2017 Operating in Allen Parish Area
Gray, Michelle Denise February 02, 2017 Lives in the Amite Area
Jackson, Jasmine March 24, 2016 Operating in the Marrero Area
Jackson, Robyn September 17, 2009
Jean, Phito November 16, 2010
Moulton, Katheryn Oliveras March 05, 2010
Pearson, Martha Francis March 08, 2010
Shannon, Valerie March 05, 2010
Williams, Mary Gilbert January 25, 2010