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License verification (primary source verification)

All primary source verifications are done through the Nursys website. This is a free service hosted by NCSBN (National Council of State Boards of Nursing) and is used to verify your nurses' current status. It may also be used to identify any discipline issues the nurse may have against his/her license.

Also available from Nursys is E-Notify. Once registered with E-Notify, institutions will receive regular updates of changes to enrolled licenses. Nurses who register will receive license expiration reminders and status updates. To see all that E-Notify has to offer visit Nursys.com.

Our agency has recently begun our transition utilizing Nursys as our primary verification option. We are still in the process of downloading copies of our discipline records to Nursys. The goal is to eventually have all records available through Nursys.

During this transition, you may find a message on Nursys to contact our board for information on a disciplined lpn. In such cases, please contact us, and we will provide a copy of the disciplinary documents. Additionally, we will be glad to explain what is meant by an lpn’s discipline status. Each board order is tailored to the particular lpn.

These are some of the various disciplinary actions you may see in Nursys:

• Revoked – never again allowed to work as lpn in Louisiana
• Suspended – not currently allowed to work as lpn in Louisiana
• Probation – allowed to work as lpn, but with stipulations
• Reprimand – a minor, permanent disciplinary message on license, but does not encumber practice
• Unencumbered – any/all restrictions have been lifted and the lpn is free to work, provided license is active.

Note – In cases of probation, the lpn is required to notify the employer of the probation and to provide a complete copy of the board order to the employer. There are conditions that the employer (or potential employer) must agree to in order for the lpn to work at the facility.

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